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The Gunns Restoration team specializes in restoring the lives of our clients

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Gunns Restoration

Gunns Restoration was founded in 2000 by Katy Burch Link, an entrepreneur by spirit.  She is known as a trailblazer in the industry with her innate talent to develop processes and best practice solutions for textile restoration.  In the early years much of her time was devoted to elevating the focus on textiles and establishing a separate emphasis and attention to soft goods by teaching and training adjusters and other professionals that handle property claims. In 2008, Rob Link joined the company to expand the service capabilities by adding Electronics Restoration.  Both are driven and dedicated to utilizing the most innovative technology and systems available while providing the insured with a positive claim experience.  Together they have developed processes used nationally in the industry.

In 2017, Gunns Restoration was invited to join Renewal Claim Solutions. This partnership is made up of other strong, driven independent innovators in the industry. Together, the national coverage is complete, and the knowledge bank is infinite.


Gunns Restoration is established as a leader and has grown to be the preferred textile and electronics restoration vendor by reputation and referral from industry decision makers. Winning several industry awards, the company has set themselves apart from the typical franchise establishments.


Gunns Restoration values the relationships they have built between national insurance carriers, adjusters, third party program administrators, contractors, and restoration mitigation companies.


Our team consistently brings a wide variety of experience to each claim.  


Our Proprietary Ten Step Process creates a particular focus on issue management to follow each issue to completion.  It offers structure and assurance that the claim will be supported, and the insured indemnified.

Our Mission

We Go Beyond Simply Restoring Textiles

There is something very personal about the textiles in our lives.  From the baby blanket handed down from generation to generation to the favorite pair of jeans, we restore much more than fabric.  We restore comfort and peace of mind during the most stressful times of life, whether it is a commercial facility or your family’s home.

At Gunns Textile Restoration, we recognize that our job goes beyond simply restoring textiles and electronics to their pre-loss condition. Our team is dedicated to helping families restore their lives.

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